Cocunat Pop-Up

The client came to us to help set up a temporary shop as a brand extension strategy

In the selected store, we decorated and adapted the COCUNAT style to the specifications of the
space in order to help the brand generate buzz and draw attention from passing crowds

It was a chance to test the market, to see how the product would sell and to seek feedback from
real customers


Hospitality    /    Production    /    Pop-up    /    Launch product    /    Design    /    Interior Design


Permanently Impermanent

POP-UP concept appeal to our natural curiosity, as well as our desire to be the first to discover something new, perhaps even one of the few to experience it before it’s gone again…so shops, restaurants, bars, events and experiences are popping up everywhere.
Pop-up scene has benefit on communities, consumers, fill up empty shops and it can also show the viability of an area and encourage other business.

A powerful tool for brands to use different types of spaces for a limited time when need to engage their audience at any place in the world.

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